How to Install Google Drive

To use Google Drive, you need a Google account. This page will also guide you on how to create a Google account.
Google Drive is a free cloud storage service up to 15GB. You can securely save and share photos, videos, files, etc. in the cloud.

1. How to Create a Google Account

Go to Google Account Creation Page
Please visit the “Create Google Account” page.
Enter User Information
Once the “Create Google Account” page is open,

  • Name
  • Username (enter your desired name)
  • Password (enter your password)

Then, click on .

Welcome to Google Page

When you get to the “Welcome to Google” page, enter

  • Phone number (optional, mobile phone is acceptable)
  • Backup email address (optional)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

and click on .

2. How to Install Google Drive

Go to the Google Drive Download Page
Open the “Download – Google Drive” page and install the app.
Install Google Drive
Click on to start the installation.

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